Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tea with Daddy

I love tea parties. They are the calm in my day. Today my husband was working in his home office and Isabelle and I decided to have a tea party. I took the opportunity to step up the party and have Isabelle make an invitation for Daddy while I did the preparations. I wrote the words:

what: tea party
Where: dining room
When: now
Why: fun

She decorated it by drawing a picture of daddy, some sort of randome creature and a parrot. Who knows what is going on in a 3 year olds mind but they all went together to her. With the treats set out, tea cups and plates on the table and the tea brewed I told her it was time to deliver the invitation. At the last minute I thought I should read it to her in case he asked what it said. So down she goes and when she gets to daddy she "reads" it to him just as I did. He said it almost brought tears to his eyes. She ran back upstairs, we all donned our tea hats (even daddy) and had a lovely tea party together.

I keep having to find old pictures for my posts because my camera has been getting repaired for a very, very long time. Hopefully by the holidays I will have it back. So no pictures of today's party.


  1. a picture would have made it perfect...sounds very sweet.

  2. See! You do "play" with Isabelle! I'm sure that the tea parties will be a fond memory of her child hood. :)