Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me Monday

Not Me Monday, it seems like fun. From mckmama's site, click the button above to link to lots of other not me blog posts:

I did not forget that my son was going camping with the scouts this weekend and so make plans to go to my parents for dinner. I did not call the scout master and ask if I could bring Jake to his house early so that I could still go mooch dinner off my parents.

I did not do up my hair and make up more than usual to meet a friend for lunch to the point that my co workers all commented on how nice I look. Because I do not usually drag myself in looking only so so.

I did not drive through Mc Donalds on the way to bringing my kids to church on Wednesday night, delivering them late, because I was busy doing nothing on my computer all afternoon. I did not on that same night as I was walking out the house remember that I was supposed to bring a meal to friends who just had a baby, I did not call them in a panic at 6:30 and discover they had already eaten without me. No I would never do that.


  1. oooo, those are good ones...this is the meat of not me monday!

    i think i will join in next week.