Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is it almost over yet?

Day 4 of no TV. Have I ever mentioned to you that I don't like to play? I don't do imaginative play. When Jake was about the same age as Isabelle I sat him down one day and told him I loved him and would be happy to read books or play games but I would not sit down and play cars with him. I do not like it. Girls and boys are different. While Jake did alot of imaginative play it was either in the back yard or with cars/action figures. Isabelle even has to make up senarios when playing play dough. She can't just make snakes or extrude things there has to be a whole story line and with it lots of commands for what I should make and how I should make them. It just isn't fun. I don't like to play with my kids. I miss tv. I'm a bad parent.

Overall it seems to continue to be going well. Isabelle is still asking for it but doesn't seem too upset when she doesn't get it. As I am thinking about next week and bringing it back I feel like I want to narrow it to just watching tv in the late afternoon. Every day this week that has been the time I wanted to put on the tv and have had the hardest time entertaining Isabelle. On the other hand it is sort of a challenge, how should I be structuring that time different so we don't have to turn on the tv? I am open to suggestions. My fear of letting that be tv time is that it could start at 3pm and go until bedtime at 7pm. And I am ashamed to admit has many times in the past. While I might want to utilize the tv at that time I will still need a structue to keep it from being a 4 hour tv marathon.

Day 5: sorting the toys to see if we have more to do. Tune in tomorrow.

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