Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Afternoon fun

Thought you needed to see the pics of the tea party:

Isabelle and Sofie





Sofie apparently had a wonderful tea party at a friends home recently with pink tea. I didn't have pink but did recently buy a chocolate tea which she felt would work. Isabelle and I have been cruising along with plain tea with ice in it for quite some time but today the more experienced Sofie changed everything when she announced that I was supposed to give them sugar and a spoon to stir for the tea. Of course I do whatever my precious neice says and so they all had a spoonful of sugar in their tea which caused them to drink several cups. I am hoping Isabelle will forget the sugar but let's face it, who forgets sugar?

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  1. You're awesome! I'd like to believe I'd be a mom like this if I only had my four children a handful of times a year. :)

    You did a great job today! Good memories for the kids and peace and happiness for Julia. :)