Friday, November 7, 2008

Day 5 and it is over

Did you know that downstairs in my basement is an entire closet full of games? And that in there are 5 games age appropriate for Isabelle? Who knew. A whole other activity we could have been doing this week that doesn't involve me playing imaginatively. I taught Isabelle how to play all the games. Spill the beans was her favorite, she got board with the matching game before we finished. Arthur dominos and the insy spider game were fun too. I did not take out the marble works because I can't remember how to make it so I will have to find the directions on the internet. I also found the lost white board markers down there. So we are off to a good start. I made a little list (with the white board markers) to build on what we have and I don't think it will be a problem to give the grandparents christmas lists this year for her.

We finished the week with a movie. After 5 days without tv she still was asking for it so I told her that she could watch a movie at Grandma's house tonight. She looked forward to it all day. Tomorrow is Saturday. As a kid I spent all morning on Saturday watching cartoons while my parents slept in so I figure I can let her celebrate a week without tv by watching it tomorrow morning while we sleep in. I am, however, looking forward to a tv controlled week next week and finally believe I can limit tv and expect my daughter to be able to entertain herself.

I feel good about what we learned and accomplished this week. We broke the "tv quiet time" habit that had to go and learned where we really need tv (before dinner) and where we really don't need it (breakfast and lunch time). We played with toys, had tea parties, cleaned the house, played play dough, did yoga, read books, went to the park, ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together, had less fights to get dressed and to go to bed. I kept up with my desk work while she played with dolls, polly pockets, kitchen toys and read books to herself, colored and one day even napped. Maybe my romantisized version of life without tv isn't that crazy after all. It wasn't perfect but in the course of a week we definately changed our lives.

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  1. well done.

    very nice...unveiling the learning process

    keep up the good work