Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No TV Day Three

Apparently not everyone got the memo on Isabelle not watching TV. This morning Isabelle was once again up at the daylight savings time of 6:30am and I once again was trying to ignore her. Well my wonderful son stepped in and made her toast and turned on the tv for her so I could sleep. He even turned it down so low I didn't know it was on when I woke up. He is such a keeper. I slept til 8:00.

So she had a little tv time this morning. But I told her to turn it off right when I got up and she did without complaint. We have had a busy day and I can't say that I caught her being Masterly Inactivity but she did color, do play dough, help me clean up play dough and I could see her reading books at the club through the window in the child center. She just seems a little more relaxed when we are at home.

She did beg for tv when we were on our way home from the club and again when we got home from having lunch with Grandma. She is so worn out by staying up to late last night and getting up early the last 2 mornings that she is actually sleeping as I type this up. Something that might not have happened if I had put on a tv show for her instead of telling her to just play quietly.

My sister-in-law asked me today why Isabelle wasn't allowed to watch tv. I rambled some lame answer about how it was good for her but really I was sort of caught off guard by the question. Why am I doing this? Have I decided to become philosophically opposed to tv? Is tv making her bad? I am sure there are as many reasons for getting rid of the tv as their are people who do it. In my life everything comes back to ME. I like to think I do things for my children because I am a wonderful parent but really only as far as it makes my life work or makes me look good or whatever, ME, ME, ME. So I think I am doing it because I have no self control or ability to have a balance with tv watching. Because I have totally lost the ability to come up with non tv activities for my child to do and want to totally disengage from parenting all day long while she watches tv. So I must move to the extreme other side and take it away from her to...punish myself for bad parenting. Hopefully we can have it back next week and start creating balance. What I have learned so far is that the only time where I it would be helpful to have the tv on is in the early evening while I am making dinner. The rest of the day I think we are learning we can do without. So I need to start making a plan.

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