Thursday, November 20, 2008

American Girl

I am a girly girl at heart. We had lunch yesterday at the new American Girl Store and Bistro at Mall of America. I was looking forward to it for weeks, in fact it was sort of to celebrate my birthday this weekend. I did bring my daughter who brought her dolls, one dressed in a matching outfit to hers, and we shopped for a Christmas gift for Isabelle. But let's face it American Girl is for ME.

When Jake was little and American girl was just hitting the scene I had 3 little nieces and wished I could afford to spend an obscene amount of money on them for Christmas and birthdays. I had to settle for books and trinkets. Twice I had opportunity to be in Chicago and stop by the American Girl store down there. I just went in to gaze at the beautiful doll clothes and breath the girly air. Jake laid on the convenient couches they had around the store wondering how long I would torture him.

Now I have my own girly girl. I still can't spend obscene amounts of money on her but I do get to do a little more indulging. So this Christmas she and her doll will have matching ballerina outfits. And now that I have my own American Girl store just a few minutes from home and my own sweet girl to share it with there is no telling what else will come home.

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