Saturday, November 8, 2008

folly and crisis

When I named this blog I thought I was being witty and that everyone would know what I was talking about. It seems however that while I might be witty nobody gets it but me. So for those of you who haven't quite put it together, Jake is "the folly of my youth" and Isabelle is my "mid life crisis". Jake was born when I was 23 which is young but we had been married 4 years at that point so we definately didn't feel we were rushing into anything. John finished school, we bought a house and decided that we were pretty good at being poor so we might as well keep the trend going and have a baby now that John was making some money. It worked out quite well. The 11 years before Isabelle came along was not exactly our plan but it was God's plan, a plan we initially weren't sure we were on board with when He suggested another child years after we had come to peace about only having one. We liked having an only child, the baby stuff was gone, we were going to be 41 when he went to college. But then again what were we going to do at 41 with the rest of our lives? Why couldn't we have more children? We were only 34. Some of our high school friends were just starting families. I know 34 isn't exactly mid life for most people but as a friend once told me, we have always been a little ahead of everyone else in these things. So into our lives came Isabelle. And if the decision to bring her into our lives wasn't the crisis then the 3 months after her birth definately were. We did not transition to baby world as smoothly the second time around. However, once she started sleeping more than an hour at a time we felt much better. She was the completion of our family. We were happy with an only child but experienced a peace with 2 only children that we didn't know we were missing. They are so fun.


  1. very good. I think you should add more about the one of the two of them up on their elbows when Is was a baby?

  2. You are real, wonderful and creative.