Saturday, June 30, 2012

My boy becomes a man

My boy is not a boy anymore.  He is 18 years old.  Very much a young man.  Mostly I am excited and proud of him, but as he skidded into adulthood finishing the Eagle moments before the big day, the smeared remains of his parents were left trying to reform themselves on the pavement.  We managed to get excited by dinner time but I really wanted to wake him up and kick him rather than sing happy birthday in the morning.  Is it wrong of me to admit that?

Before dinner we had some fun with pictures:

At dinner I asked him if we had raised him to be a manly man or a mamby pamby man.  They love it when bring great conversation starters like that to the table! :)  Actually the question was the result of a brief conversation I had with another mom that day, maybe I will post thoughts on it another day, but getting them to understand the question and the resulting conversation was part of the evenings entertainment.  The other part was telling him I like to reflect on my life and think about my goals for the future on milestone birthdays.  He and John both looked at me and said, "yes, you do."  Just another one of those conversation starters my boys love that I bring to the table.
Dinner at PF Chang.  A perfect meal.  Fun conversation.

There was another exciting event that took place on Jake's birthday: 

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