Monday, June 11, 2012

Jake Graduates part 4, The Party

Here is the either photograph a party or you attend a party.  You don't do both.  So I had my camera out for about 15 minutes at the beginning of the party and then forgot about it for the rest of the party.  Same with food.  But my mom and aunt were mostly on that detail which was wonderful.  And the rain held off until the party ended but a nice breeze kept the 90 degree day comfortable.

Here is what I managed to get:

John's parents came early and left as people were arriving.  Such a blessing as Don really doesn't leave the house much these days.

Family always arrives promptly. 


The friends arrived in groups.  They were on a party tour.  One group said we were the 8th party of the day.  Tis the season.  Jake hit 4 parties before his started!

I set up pictures in the house in case it rained. 

Made cute table decorations that did not end up on tables because they blew right over in the wind and I could not problems solve a heavy weight at the last minute. 
I put up a sheet for verses, prayers or blessings for Jake.  It ended up being in a bad location but it was fun to see that several people found it and left him a scripture. 

Only a couple sad balloons survived the night.  Several popped in the wind as soon as John hung them.  (and note riding mower stashed in the corner for garage cleaning)

Not too much cleaning left.  The beauty of paper plates.  Just throw it in the trash.  Of course my refrigerator is full of fruit and cheese, I think I can take care of the fruit pretty quick but will be looking for someone to take a giant bag of shredded cheese off my hands.  Luckily cheese freezes.

No after pictures of the garage as my van is currently parked in there.  Someone commented about cleaning the garage being a waste since it didn't end up raining but I say cleaning my garage is never a waste!  My van  hasn't been in the garage in months!

John and I fell into bed slightly delirious last night but with joy in our hearts.  The party went well, people ate and we were blessed by friends and family.  I commented as we were getting in bed that you plan and plan and then it comes and it is over and you can never do it again.  That is it.  Same with tonight, graduation night, when he will don that cap and gown and walk across the stage and receive his diploma.  All the years of educating, dealing with teachers and hovering over homework.  Done.  We can never raise Jake again.  But, as we are sad about the end of this stage of our parenting we look forward to the next stage as Jake begins to become independent from us, make his own choices, and experience his own life adventures.

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  1. Fun fact: James was the only one to write on that paper. I saw him discover it and then sit down with a look of great concentration.