Thursday, June 7, 2012

The end of 1st grade

I know you all love random posts with pictures more than my ruminations.  Although hopefully you love those too because that is what I love to do.  Still it is fun to share my life in pictures too.  So hopefully now that I am home I will get out the camera a little more again.

First of all, this morning this lady was quacking away in our back yard.  I think she was looking for her mate.  I wanted to tell her that he obviously couldn't hear her but I am sure she was waking up mine so if she could please look elsewhere that would be very nice.  But I didn't want to actually step out the door and walk up to her.

Today is the first day of summer break!  I know Jake has been done with classes for nearly a month but as I have been telling him for a month, he no longer gets summer breaks.  Welcome to the real world.  Get a job.  He has one, working the early shift at Caribou Coffee, but I have repeatedly told him he needs another to fill in the afternoon and early evening.  We shall see.  Anyway, Isabelle's last day of 1st grade was yesterday and now today she is officially a 2nd grader!  How does this happen????  I pulled out the camera while we were waiting for the bus yesterday and apparently she thinks she is a model because she just kept posing and I kept clicking.

She had a great year with a great teacher.  The cable repair guy showed up just before she got home so I missed her getting off the bus but I had a lovely lemonade tea party ready for us.  Apparently I had told her a couple weeks ago that she could spend the first couple days of summer vacation doing nothing but watch tv and after that she would be cut off.  She forgets nothing so has been planning her netflix viewing schedule for the last few days.  After that we are going to need a bit of a plan because I find it very stressful to have my kids lay around the house watching tv and playing video games all day long.  I have her signed up for a few things to break up the summer but hope she can find a rhythm of just enjoying the backyard, neighborhood friends and 3 months of unstructured free time.

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