Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A week of Fridays

When I was a homemaker Monday was my favorite day of the week.  The fresh beginning of the week.  The day to take back control of my home and life after a crazy weekend.  When I started working last year I was determined to take the same attitude into the workplace.  But, let's face it, I was at working outside the home and while I did my best while I was there, I didn't care as much about that work as my home work.  Monday was not my favorite day of the week.

My husband John and his cousin Adam have both been self employed for many years.  They have sort of become each other's co-workers as they have chatted throughout the day, talked about business ideas and even in the literal sense as they have hired each other at times to work on projects.  One of the observations they have made is that when you are self employed, "Everyday is Thursday".

I thought about it a lot when I was at home.  The idea being that when you are self employed you work every day.  It is always almost the weekend but you never quite get there.  I understood this concept when I was a homemaker because I did the same thing virtually every day regardless of what day of the week it was.  Yet I don't know that I fully appreciated it the way I am beginning to realize I might now that I am self employed in a sense as well.

I have friends in retail who refer to their weekend as whatever 2 days they have off regardless of what day of the week it is.  And I have a self employed friend who refers to her weekend as the 2 days she has a lighter schedule.  Another interesting approach.

This week has been my first few days of working from home/self employment. (so far still exciting and enjoying it)  This morning is day 3 and I am quickly pounding out this thought before I get to work.  I am actually going into the business for a couple hours today so this is feeling like a regular work day in some ways.  Anyway, I was thinking yesterday that everyday has felt like Friday.  Like a Friday I got off work early.  It helps that we have had perfect, gorgeous weather.  It adds to the sense that I must be on vacation right now.  It also helps that I am working less hours this week than I anticipate working once I am fully trained in.

I don't know if long term I will feel like everyday is Friday or Thursday or if I will come to love Monday's again or if I will have some whole new perspective on what day of the week it is.  I have a long road ahead of me before I find my true routine of this new life and am able to fully define it.  But I love the idea that I can create a life and work environment that works for me and for my family and I don't need to live within the Monday - Friday 8-5 boundaries of working.  Excited about my new life and the path I am on as I begin to build a career.

In the mean time I am enjoying my week of Fridays.

"This is the day the Lord has Mde; let us rejoice and be glad in it." Ps 118:24

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