Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jake Graduates part 2, Party Prep

Tomorrow is the big Graduation Open House for Jake.  In some ways I  have been preparing for this party his entire life.  But it all comes down to the last minute details.

My cupcake crew

Waiting on some powdered sugar to finish decorating one last batch.

My cupcake decorator.

This is your life Jake Hardacker

We talked about making signs for the cupcake flavors.  Isabelle was on the detail.  We have "Lemon Flavored" and "Not lemon flavored".  Then I mentioned red velvet so it was added.  For the record we also have yellow cake, chocolate and spice cake.

Trying to keep them cool in my basement.

Julia thinks they're terrible but I love them.

 Backyard Prep

Today is near 90 degrees and sunny as we work to get ready for the party.  However, rumor has it there is a 91 percent chance of a Thunderstorm during our party tomorrow afternoon.  Do you think we can move the party in here?

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