Sunday, June 3, 2012

What I did on my day of unemployment, the reveal

Drum roll please...After working tirelessly all day Friday and Saturday morning I am pleased to present the after pictures.

As you can see a great improvement over the before pictures.  The main problem with this desk is that it is really just a desk top.  No drawers, no storage.  So I picked up a desktop drawer for little stuff and I emptied the top drawer of my rolling craft thing for bigger stuff.  Plus my to-do piles were starting to take over my desk so I picked up a paper sorter to keep it organized.  I haven't put labels on it yet but I did buy the refill for my label maker so I am ready for that next step!  I am a little bit of a nerdy organizer.

It is likely just a temporary after look as I am sure I will make more changes as I learn my new job and identify what other needs I have.  But for now I am pretty happy with it.

Isabelle has already moved into her space and spent a couple hours working on writing notes to her cousins and putting pictures in a scrapbook last night.  Her craft area is still a disaster but that is a future summer project.

And I have a whole empty wall and floor space.  I dream of someday putting a sleeper sofa here and making it a possible guest room but I have a long way to go before I will be ready for that makeover.

Once the office was done it was on to the backyard!  Next Sunday is the party and so this is the weekend to finish up the yard work so we can move to food and decorations this next week.  I was outside most of the day.  No before pictures but just imagine clutter, mowable weeks growing out of the cracks and lots and lots of dead leaves and dirt and then you are getting close to the picture.

Isabelle put on her bathing suit sometime around mid-morning and didn't take it off til bed time.  A definite sign of summer.

Feeling like this has been a very, very productive weekend.  Also, John managed to complete his repair to the weed whip without any further accidents and the edges of our lawn have never looked so good.  I just need to deep clean the rest of the house, there is a ring growing in my toilet, and I am good to go for launching into my new job and being prepared for the party next weekend.

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