Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Wedding

This weekend John's neice got married. Actually his step neice. John's brother married for the first time in his late 30's to a wonderful woman a few years older than him. He instantly became the father of 3 and grandfather of 2. It was the joy of my husbands life to refer to his 38 year old brother as Grandpa Mike. Now 7 years later and grandpa to 3, Mike walked Crystal down the aisle at a beautiful wedding in their back yard. The yard was park like with fountains, flowers, dry creekbeds, paths, patios and more.

Me with the beautiful bride.

John and Jake making popcorn during the reception. John also kept the beverage area stocked.

I knew this would be a good opportunity for a family picture and after seeing where the wedding photographer deemed the best backdrop for photos we snuck over there after she was done for our own photo.

And I had been looking for an opportunity to get a picture of the two of them together to replace the blurry one I had been using as a header for this blog. I am sure all your eyes are thanking me for that improvement.

Isabelle took this picture of Jake and me. She really isn't a bad photographer.

Every time I turn around she is doing something photo worthy. Here she was throwing up the rose petals they had thrown down for the ceremony.

Isabelle dancing with her brother and the bride and the groom. She was a party animal. I was ready to leave long before she was.

Then she photographed us sitting at the non-dancer table watching the dancing.

While busy partying she attracted the attention of a little boy who came to her and said, "I love you" to which she responded, "I don't know you" and walked away. She is going to be a heart breaker.

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