Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Friend Lady

We do not have a dog. I do not want a dog. Dogs are messy, they poop and need to be cleaned up after, they shed, they drool, they puke, they cost alot of money in food, toys and vet bills. I have no desire to have a dog or any other pet at this stage of my life. However, as a concession to Jake who really wanted a dog when he was younger, we do pet sit. It is the perfect solution. We all get to enjoy a well behaved dog for a weekend or week and then just when it is getting on my nerves it goes home. Then I vacuum up the pet hair and move on with my life. Sort of how I imagine grandchildren will be. :)

While we have watched several dogs over the years we have really bonded with one dog and it is now the only one we watch. Her name is Lady and she is a sheltie. We have been watching her for about 8 years. At that time the family had 2 children and would all come to drop her off. They would give me direction about how to discipline her if she got on the furniture or barked. They would pack the brush and toys and treats. 8 years later they now have 6 kids. Lady is dropped off by one parent while the other is home completing preparations. Lady weighs a little more than usual, we haven't seen her brush in years and although she still very well behaved, doesn't get on our furniture and rarely barks, we don't get any training instructions either.

Isabelle, who is normally terrified of dogs, I mean really cannot function if she is in the same room with a dog her stress level is so high, loves Lady. I mentioned this to Lady's owner who was surprised since Lady doesn't seem to like their children and tries to stay away from them. I laughed and told her I thought that was what Isabelle liked about Lady. She just lays on the ground and looks at Isabelle. She doesn't walk over to her, she doesn't try to jump on her or lick her. Isabelle can walk over and stand a safe distance from her while telling her what to do without fear that Lady will respond at all. Isabelle really doesn't even want to pet Lady. It is really the perfect relationship.

This will be our longest pet sitting. With 6 kids they don't travel as much as they used to and so we really only have her maybe once a year but this year they are going for it with a 2 week trip out east. Lady immediately found all her favorite locations to lay around in our house and and I am already retrained to go stand out in the yard so she will do her business. It should be an entertaining 2 weeks. Jake is already earning him money as I stood pointing at the poo in the yard this morning.

Doing what she does best. Her favorite spot inside the house is under the bench by the backdoor. She managed to squeeze herself in there despite all our shoes. But doesn't even think about chewing them. Where did they find such a great dog?

See how Lady is looking around Isabelle like she is about to make a break for it? In fact that is exactly what she was doing as I snapped this picture, walking away. And while Isabelle did give her instructions the entire time about where to go she never went near Lady to stop her. They are quite a pair.

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