Sunday, June 14, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me Monday. Time to share a few things I would never have done this week. Click on the link above to check out more Not Me's at MckMama's site.

First of all, it was NOT so cold on this first week of summer vacation that I actually had to pull the long sleeve clothes back out. NO that would be wrong. It is summer. Shorts, tank tops. Warm Minnesota summers are what get us through the winters.

Second of all, I am NOT alreay tired of the constant asking for friends to come over after only 1 week of school being out. No because I look forward to having my son home with me during the summer and not having to worry about school work.

Speaking of which, I did not get his final grade in Health, a class he had a very high A in all quarter, and discover that he just decided he did not want to do the final paper of the year and his grade dropped to a C+. No way would he do that. He knows how important doing his school work and getting good grades are. Plus he knows that his mother will go balistic on him if he does that. So clearly that did not happen. And since it didn't happen I did not have to tell him that before he could do a single social activity this summer he was going to have to write the paper for ME. And then I did not make him email it to his teacher as well just in case he decided to show my irresponsible son some mercy and change the grade.

John and I did leave the kids home and go to a wake for my great Aunt on Wednesday and hit Caribou on the way home for a little relaxing time. When we got home Jake did not quiz us on why we were gone so long and then upon discovering that we had gone out for coffee deem the wake and coffe our date night over our usual Thursday night and claim Thursday night for his own. No because we are in charge and don't let Jake tell us what to do. We did not decide to let him get away with that since we had decided to go to an outdoor concert we knew he would enjoy. Jake did not have friends over after the concert for a bon fire. They did not decide to burn Jake's homework which did not parlay into them rolling it up like cigarettes and "smoking" homework. And if it did we would surely stop them because we are responsible parents. I never would have taken pictures or done this blog post on it.

I definately did not accidentally open a virus sent to me on facebook which definately did not hose my computer to the point it is currently with our computer geek getting repaired. No way that would happen because I don't have any antivirus software. I am a totally responsible computer owner and would never risk my daughters entire childhood in pictures not to mention our entire personal and business financial life by not having updated anti virus software and not having backed up the computer in about...ever. What kind of lunatic do you think I am?

And finally, I did not bring Isabelle over to a friends on Saturday morning wearing mix matched clothes, hair uncombed and teeth unbrushed. Isabelle definately does not throw the fit of the century every time she sees me pull out a hair brush. I am not wishing she was a boy so I could just shave her head for the summer and forget about it until she is old enough to do it herself like I did with her brother. No because I am a girl and therefore love to dress up my daughter and fix her hair.

Thanks for joining me for Not Me Monday. I wonder what "won't" happen this week.


  1. OMG! Too funny! Those were fabulous and I definitely would not do any of those things either. LOL. =D

  2. Oh that is good - especially about sweet girlie pie and her throw downs over the the brush? Ruby Jane would never run like crazy as soon as she sees the brush either.