Tuesday, June 30, 2009

15 years old

Sunday was Jake's 15th birthday. He is a special boy and I am so proud of him as he grows into a man. I can't believe it was 15 years ago that I became a mother. It has been a crazy journey. Let's see, some high points:

I remember in the delivery room them putting him directly on me after cutting the cord. Although I have never told anyone this before my immediate thought was that it was gross to have this slimy child put on me. But then I immediately realized this was my slimy child that I had just pushed out of my body and I really didn't care. My other immediate thought (alot goes through your mind at that moment) was that he looked exactly like John, a fact that has not changed a bit in 15 years. i also remember feeling that somehow all that labor and the baby were unconnected. I still can't believe he came out of my body and still think it is crazy when I see a pregnant person that a baby is actually in there.

John called my mom at work to tell her he was born and she was shocked since we didn't call anyone to tell them we were in labor. I went into labor at 2am and we didn't want to wake anyone. He was born at 8:20am so by the time people were getting up we were a little busy.

My good friend Kim was the first person to come see us in the hospital. She didn't have a car so called around until she found someone that would give her a ride. I was just getting to know Cammi at that point but she became a good friend that I still know today.

I didn't read a single page on parenting or what you needed to do with a child after they are born. I had decided to breast feed but had read nothing about that either. I didn't really know what to do and was waiting for someone to tell me it was time to feed him. Finally around 5pm I asked one of the nurses if I should feed him. She freaked out that I hadn't fed him yet. I have since learned that babies can go quite a while after birth without eating (I feel I read 2 days somewhere) so it really wasn't a big deal but I definitely felt like I wasn't starting this parent thing off on the right foot.

Somehow we managed to leave the hospital with this little baby and nobody stopped us. We brought him home and have been busy trying to raise him to be a godly man. It has been challenging at times, entertaining frequently but most of the time I just find it to be a privilidge to have been given this amazing gift from God and to be part of his life.

So this Sunday we had a party. A theme of Jake's life. I kept asking him how many were coming. Last update said 15 kids were coming. We went to the store and bought burgers, pop and chips for 15 kids. 20 kids came. The miracle of the fishes and loaves occurred as I watched boy after boy walk by with 2 burgers on his plate knowing that we only made 24 burgers. I did also make a package of hot dogs which found in the fridge. Somehow when all was said and done everyone ate. Really I am learning that the kids don't come for my food, they come for each other. Isabelle started a game of duck, duck, grey duck but we had to remove her from the situation when it was her turn every other time. After that they played Red Rover and she was able to get back in the game. We had a bon fire without any homework smoking. One of his friends brought a guitar and there was some singing which was entertaining. Finally the girls went home around 11pm and the party really started. 10 boys stayed all night playing the 4 x-box 360s that were brought and networked together. Keep in mind we do not have an x-box so Jake managed to recruit all the x-boxes and one of his friends even brought a tv! There were 4 stations spread across our lower level family room and spilling into Jake's room. I am told they were up until 6am playing. I went downstairs to have a peak the next morning and have determined that 15 year old boys have rubber bones. One of his friends was sitting in a chair and simply slumped over the side. Another was curled up on our wicker settee, something that is not really that comfy to sit in. And on the other side of the room was Jake's bedroom with a lovely double bed that not a single boy thought to commandeer.

A couple pictures of my sweet boy:

The Party Pictures:

Jake's friend Jaxon brought his electric guitar.

Hanging out in the yard:

They wanted to put the cake in Jake's face but we gave them a plate of Redi-Whip instead. Good times.

They took a walk to the park. Note Isabelle going along as a chaperone. Eric (pulling wagon) ran her home at one point to go to the bathroom. I told him he didn't have to bring her back with him but he did anyway. Jake's friends are as great with her as he is.

Jake and Britta laying on the slides at the park:


  1. You're such a good mom! I loved this post, you really do have exceptional children and I can't believe all the parties you host. I also appreciated your birth memories - I have had a few literal nightmares that I forget to feed our baby right after she's born . . . so it's reassuring to know that if I should indeed forget that she'll really be okay. =)

  2. Oh, Jake. It seems just yesterday he was 5 years old and chuckin' rocks. :) I can't believe I've known him since he was little. It's been so fun to watch him grow. My question is, why, when Evie, Sofie, and Jake all "supposedly" look like their "Non-Wolfe" parent, that they look so much alike... What a guy. :)