Thursday, June 11, 2009

Isabelle's Funhouse

For those of you who watch too much PBS kids you will understand this post. Today Isabelle was watching Dragon Tales. It was the episode where Orc (Org?, Ork?) was afraid to go into the funhouse. They decided to build their own funhouse so that he would know what was in it and not be afraid. Afterward I actually heard myself suggest to Isabelle that we make our own funhouse. In a flash she was all over this plan and immediately got started collecting the stuff. I maxed out my creativity but managed to create a fairly decent copy of the Dragon Tales funhouse.

The entrance to Isabelle's Funhouse. We found this board in the garage leftover from some project John had done and painted it up. Then I brilliantly nailed 3 long nails in the back and hooked it over the door frame.

These are the ribbons from the Dragon Tales episode that you walk through. The lights are off for the whole thing.

The "squishy floor" made from pillows, again directly from the Dragon Tales funhouse.

Then we climbed up on the desk and slid down the couch onto a pile of blankets. My creativity waned here as I tried to come up with something in our house that could actually be slid down.

And finally the cold air that was blowing on them in the show. It even makes a humming noise that could be like the scary thunderstorm noise from Dragon Tales funhouse.

Isabelle Looooves it. (how do you write it like Wheezy says it?) She has done it many times today. These are the days I really feel like a good mom.


  1. You are a great Mom! Very creative.

  2. That's soooo cute! :) Heehee, I love Dragon Tales. And it's 'Ord', actually :P

  3. major impressed! it's Ord, by the kids never watch pbs anymore (sob!) its all disney and nick now and i miss the sweet pbs shows...this morning, they happened upon pbs and dragon tales was on and sarah got so psyched! I know! I wish they'd watch it more often, its all about hannah montana and zack and cody around here these days, due to the older ones.