Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two Years

Today is the 2 year anniversary of this blog.  I love anniversaries.  I love the marking of time that they signify.  I love the history of life that is represented in an anniversary.

With our wedding anniversary we can talk about all that has happened over the 20 years.  How we have changed and grown. The good and the bad of life and how we are thankful for it all.  This morning I was remembering a house John and I looked at 10 years ago.  We both liked it but just weren't sure it was the right time to move.  We wondered this morning how our life might have been different if we had moved then as opposed to 2 years later when we moved here.  You can't know.  But likely we would have missed some of the amazing experiences we have had because of the path we did take.  And I wouldn't change any of those.  I love our history.

This is my blog anniversary.  Marking 2 years of writing out all the bizarre, pointless and occasional insightful thoughts I have had. 

There has been some redundancy, like seeing Jake go to homecoming twice but with different girls, but that is part of the flow of life.  We do the same things, we create traditions and habits which give us comfort as we traverse the path of life. 

There have been new experiences, like my chronically of our trip to Kenya.  Into each persons life come new, life changing experiences which affect how we view the world and every decision we make from that point forward.  Kenya was definitely that for us.

I have shared thoughts on what God is telling me. As I sit with the Lord throughout my day I have enjoyed sharing the little insights I discover along the way.  They may not always be the most articulate or theologically accurate but I share from my heart.

And there have been posts of our day to day life.  The thing that happens between significant moments in life.  The part of our lives which seem insignificant but in reality make up the most significant portion of our lives.  It is in that day to day that life happens, relationships are strengthened, skills are learned, friendships formed and God works.

As I look back over the 2 years of blogging I wonder what I have learned.  How have I changed because of blogging?  I know I have grown a lot in the last 2 years but what specifically to credit blogging with? 

I think it has given me much more confidence to express myself.  Not just secretly here in my office where I send my random thoughts out into blog world but also in person I am becoming more confident and articulate.  I certainly wouldn't have had the nerve to share at our women's retreat before blogging.  And although I have really always written things out when I had a problem I couldn't quite solve this has given me a much bigger platform for that and I find sometimes I figure things out in the midst of blogging about them.  Sometimes I will even start a post to address a frustration I have and by the time I am done I have figured it out and simply delete the post.  Clearly this is how my brain works.

It is fun to look back on an anniversary but I also love to look ahead.  To dream of what the future holds and all the new experiences that will come with it.

So what is the future of this blog?  I know that in this past year I have finally verbalized a dream to do writing beyond this blog.  I would love to get published in a magazine.  And maybe one day write a book.  Or start another blog or web site devoted to one specific subject, like contentment.  Lately I find myself feeling passionate about that subject which touches so many areas of life.  But none of that affects this blog.   What about this blog?

Well I have made a few changes already.  A fresh new look to start off the beginning of the 3rd year of blogging.  I added a box with ads just in case something sparks your interest.  Should be interesting to see what that turns into.  And I continue to work out in my head the rest.  I would love to create theme days.  One I think I will be starting shortly is to join a weekly blog thing over at Holy Experience where she posts about being thankful.  I know that is something I really want to cultivate more in my life.  I love her blog and would like to be her blog when I grow up but then I realize that I am not her and to write her blog would be to pretend to be something I am not so I will just read and love her blog while simultaneously creating the much less serene experience in blogging over here and just being me.  Beyond that I don't know.  But I will try to continue to be witty, insightful, bizarre, pointless and fun.

It was suggested that I do a give away for my blog anniversary.  A wonderful idea that I fully intended to do but then I forgot.  And people don't generally give me things to give away and we are sort of broke right now so...

But that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to hear from you on my anniversary.  So leave a comment and if you don't already follow my blog go ahead and become one of my followers.

I don't think I have posted enough pictures lately so here is a little glimpse at my desk where all the brilliance is created:

It is my real desk.  A mess.  I do clean it up fairly regularly but as you can see it is small and it doesn't take much to mess it up. 

Next week I begin training for my new job which launches me into my new life.  While the job will only be about 18 hours a week, next week I will be doing 40 hours of classes to get licensed.  So as I start a whole new life and new schedule this 3rd year will start out all new.  New things to talk about, finding new times to write about them.  Should be fun.

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  1. Hooray for 2 years! Love the new layout too :)