Monday, January 11, 2010

Simply painting

Another aspect of simplicity I didn't mention the other day was finding new ways to solve problems that don't involve buying a specialty item. I am trying to be more creative. The first challenge before me was Isabelle's paints. I had purchased larger paint bottles but now never wanted to get everything out because it was such a hassle. I wanted to buy the fancy paint cups that I could just open up let her paint and then close up but knew they were several dollars each and didn't want to spend it. Enter baby food jars. While I am beyond this stage I know a few people who are empting a few jars a day and found a friend who happily passed on about 20 jars to me.  They are working great.  I used a few for her paints and plan to use a few for the house paint to make touch ups a little easier for me.

                                                      Simple paint pots

                                                    Simply painting

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  1. WHat a cutie and what a great idea! I would need like a pickle sized jar for touch ups in my house. LOL