Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Simple New Year

I love the new year, a new season, start of school, Mondays...any time that marks a new beginning, a moment to start fresh and go forward improving yourself in some way.  I wrote last year on my love of resolutions...twice.  As talked about in last years second post, 2009 was a theme year, the year of Africa.  I hadn't really done a theme in the past but it was a special year.  Of course in reading about creating goals many people suggest having a life goal or some over arching concept that guides all other goals you make.  As I wrote out some of my goals this year I found myself writing at the top of the page, "Simplify in 2010" (I did spend some time trying to think of a way to make that concept rhyme but couldn't come up with anything.)  I am also turning 40 this year and so am thinking about how I want to end this decade of my life and start a new one. 

Actually 39 could sort of be a parallel to today...This is the last day before we go back to a new routine and official launch into life in 2010.  My plan for today is to finish up a bunch of loose ends and then go to bed early so I am ready to launch into my life and discover all the new things I will learn and adventures God will take me on.  If today is that day for 2010, this year is that for my 40's.  Finishing up those last minute projects of my 30's and preparinto enter my 40's ready for all the new life experiences that next decade will bring me.

I actually just came up with that thought as I was sitting here typing this up but interestingly most of my goals for this year do revolve around finishing up or improving things I am already doing.  Crafts and home projects that have been filling up my closet for years, solidifying a consistant work-out schedule, continuing with a second year focussed on prayer, finally figuring out a system to put dinner on the table for my family every night... 

These are also a reflection of my desire to simplify my life.  I don't want to run around trying lots of new things, making lots of changes or reinventing myself in any way.  I want to simply go forward in this new year continuing to grow and become the woman God created me to be.  Some years are about change and big happenings, 2009 certainly was, but some years are about stepping back and simply living your life, taking stock of how God has blessed you and reveling in those blessings.  That is what 2010 will be for me.

One of the things I continue to work on is my health and healthy eating habits.  As I am being challenged by my sister to begin the year with a detox, an extreme healthy food week to jump start my commitment to healthy eating, I have decided I am also going to detox from electronics in my life, no spending WAY too much time on my computer emailing, blogging, reading blogs, playing solitare, etc.  Time that could be better spend working on those neglected crafts, maintaining my home or simply enjoying my children and husband.  So for the next week I will be keeping my thoughts to myself, or sharing them in person.   I will be checking my email as I have created a life where all communication comes through it but won't be responding unless absolutely necessary.

I am going to try one new thing, I am going to try to write a blog post and schedule it to post in a couple days.  If it works out I could bang out all my thoughts once a week for you all rather than spending WAY too much time contemplating them each day.  Just another way I am thinking of simplifying my life in 2010.  As a can look for a post on what Simplicity means to me later this week.

Happy 2010.  Let the Games Begin!

ps I have a new set up from blogger which I mostly like but can't seem to find the spell check button, I count on that button to make me look more intellegent than I actually am.  If anyone knows where it is please tell me, in the mean time, ignore the spelling errors.


  1. what did you change in blogger? I have never lost the spell check button in any of my changes. Perhaps I need to come over...or better yet, you come over to my place and we'll see what's what. :)