Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Birthday Tea with Grandma

My newly retired parents are preparing to spend the remainder of the winter in the warmth and comfort of Florida.  They will be gone for almost 3 months during which Isabelle will turn 5.  Not wanting to miss an opportunity to give many gifts, my mom took Isabelle and I out for a fancy tea at a nearby Arboretum as an early celebration.  It was lovely and Isabelle was definately the hit of the room in her party clothes, her excitement each time we let her open another of her 4 gifts from Grandma and daintily pouring herself tea.  A man even came and sang her happy birthday.

Grandma and Isabelle

I brought our tea hats to wear.  Grandma seemed embarassed and wanted to take it off as soon as the picture was taken but what is a tea without a fun hat?

Enjoying her Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy Doll.  Grandma really knows how to spoil.

Pouring her own tea perfectly.  Fingers holding the lid on and all.  Just add lots of milk and sugar and a few ice cubes and you have her perfect combination.

They brought he a special Happy Birthday cup to drink from.

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  1. really fantastic pictures! mom looks great, and the pics of her and isabelle are adorable! looks like a fun time. you are having to figure out how to live without mom for 3 months, i've had to do it for 12 years! :)