Monday, July 26, 2010

The Garden Party

You may have noticed a lack of garden project posts lately.  What I had anticipated being a weekly post project which would inspire me to work on my yard weekly has not in fact inspired me at all and my yard is as pathetic as ever.  This year we do have something a little different in July, my grass is still green.  Normally in July the rain is scarce and my grass turns brown and hard.  If that was the the summer we were having I would not have been able to host a family tea party for all the women in my family.

Tea parties have become something of a tradition for the Wolfe women usually happening in the fall.  The first one was a celebration of my birthday and it was so much fun it has become a tradition.  With my sister in town from Atlanta with her 4 girls we felt we needed to share our tradition with her and her girls.  I said I would host.

Normally the end of July is pretty hot and deciding to do an outdoor tea party can be risky.  It was sunny and cool the day I decided to do it but I was definitely re-thinking as I was planning it in 90+ degree heat one day.  In the end the weather was perfect.  The corner of my yard near the swing set is in the shade most of the afternoon and so I set up tables there.  I set out fans for everyone should they get hot but we had a perfect breeze the whole afternoon which both kept us cool and kept the bugs away. I could not have ordered more perfect weather.

So there we were amidst the weeds

the over grown grass

and the junk next to the garage.

Isabelle helped me set up the tables in the morning. 

She chose just the right fans for everyone's place.

The kitchen got busy with wonderful food preparations as everyone arrived.

The kids sat at one table donning my collection of hats.

(the oldest and youngest of the little girls)

And the adults sat at another table chatting away.

It was a lovely afternoon tea in the garden with the wonderful women of my family.

Turns out a beautiful garden tea party is not the result of a beautiful garden but a beautiful group of women coming together to share life

and have a little fun.

With 3 other bloggers in the group all with their own cameras I hope to add links here, here and here as they post their own impressions of the party. hint, hint, hint.

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