Friday, July 9, 2010

keeping myself entertained

Yes I finally gave my blog a new look.  I never really did like the old one but I just got stuck on it.  Not sure I am totally in love with this one either, we will see how long I stay with it. 

I would love if someone would tell me how to make my sub-title centered. 

And you would think somehow I would purposely take updated pictures of folly and crisis together for this blog but NO.  I have nothing of them together since last winter.  So sad.  During the 3 days Jake will be home this week before leaving for another week and a half I will endeavor to get a good one of them to spice the header back up.

Like all the roads around here and really all of life, my blog layout is a work in progress.  Hopefully I will finish this before they finish 35W.


  1. All of 35W? I'm going to go ahead and safely assume you will be able to accomplish that goal with PLENTY of time to spare...

  2. Melanie: I googled to find your blog. It was the third hit, which is pretty amazing.