Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Restful Contentment

I am further contemplating contentment and have come across what I believe to be yet another component of living a content life.  Rest, slowing down and being in the moment.  Yes those are the good days.  When I do that.  When I experience my life instead of rushing through it.  When in the middle of running around trying to clean, sending emails, paying bills, planning events, I stop, sit down and have a tea party with my daughter.  I love days when Isabelle and I stop in the afternoon for our tea parties. When we sit at the table and I just look at her and listen. I don't think about what else I could be doing or the troubles of life but rest, enjoy my tea and my time with my daughter. We pray together for our treat and I thank God for such a precious gift of my daughter and time to spend with her.

I am constantly reminded of that moment on the top of Nzambani Rock in Kenya.  When we had gotten up there, taken pictures, looked around and I was ready to head down.  That is how I live my life.  Come, do, see, go.  I am constantly checking things off a list. 

Yet there up on top of that rock in Kenya I realized for the first time what I was missing.  I was living life but not experiencing it.  There is no pausing, dwelling, watching, observing, being.  I just sat down and let that moment wash over me.  I was present observing God's amazing world.

How much of life do I miss because I am not really paying attention?  How much am I doing but not experiencing? 

Jesus said, "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."  Resting not just in stopping but also resting in the midst of all we are doing.  Experiencing God's rest in our souls no matter what our circumstances.  Being at rest when I can't rest.  Being at rest when there is no escaping my life, infertility, financial difficulties or whatever trial I am facing that day.  Knowing I can turn to God and he will give me that rest I need to continue walking my path.

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