Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Independence day resting

This weekend was all about relaxing.  Rest from everyday life.  Spending time with the family.

We started off Saturday afternoon spending the day at my Uncle's lake home on Chisago Lake.  It was the usual family fun with good food, boating, time with family and relaxing.

I had asked John the day before what he really enjoyed doing in his spare time.  I told him the answer wasn't "nothing".  But as I watched him laying on the beach alone while I was chatting up on the hill above him I realized that the answer really was "nothing" for him.  He really loves to just do nothing.  Maybe someday many years from now he will get all his nothing out of his system and decide to do something but I have decided to embrace my husband's love of nothing.

Our plan for the weekend was to head up to the family farm property which my Uncle now owns, stay over night and then get on the Gandy Dancer bike trail a couple miles from the farm.  Well we did go stay overnight at the farm but we knew before we got there our biking plans were in danger.  Sure enough we woke up to rain the next morning which didn't quit until after lunch.  Although we didn't see more rain after that the menacing clouds remained and the bike trip was canceled.  Still it was a wonderful time of doing what John loves most, nothing.

Looking for the best rocks.
The cows in the background.  We watched them eat the grass for quite a while before they wandered off.
Note Tom's vineyard to the left.
Grandpa's barn.  Sold now to a new farmer.
The new "barn" and bunk house for the vineyard.
Some of the trees planted 50 years ago by Grandpa and the family.
Marking the years.
Catching a frog on our walk.
There it goes.
Following the frog to water.
Isabelle's version of doing nothing during the rain.
John's version.

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  1. great pics-looks so relaxing...was it just the three of you up there?...love that isabelle wore the ruby slippers