Monday, October 18, 2010

Homecoming Happens

You know how when you are in high school you don't think it will ever end?  Well when you have a child in high school you can't believe how fast it goes.  I can't believe Jake is already a junior in high school.  One more year and it is over.  And the thing is, I am just starting to figure it all out.  I guess this is the advantage to having several kids close together.  Once you figure it out you just plow through a group of kids with confidence.  With Isabelle either I have forgotten everything or the rules completely change by the time she comes around.

The only thing to do is enjoy this time.  And that I do.  This weekend was homecoming weekend here in Edina.  Being new to the school district we are just getting into the spirit of our city.  A couple years ago when Jake was first at the school we thought we should go to the homecoming game.  It starts at 7pm, we showed up at 6:45 only to discover that the game sold out almost 2 hours earlier.  We learned.  Last year we skipped the game but Jake did go to the homecoming dance.  We learned how dances are done these days and he had a wonderful time.

This year we added another element, the parade.  With Jake's girlfriend in the marching band he was motivated to go see it.  We drove down to the end of the parade route, found a parking spot and began chasing Jake backward down the route to find the parade.  (I don't think he really wanted to hang with Isabelle and me but we stuck with him.)  It was a wonderful little community parade fille with clubs from the school, school officials, homecoming court and everyone tossing candy at little girls.  What more could you ask for?  The moment it was over Jake began bolting for the football stadium (where the parade ended) to get his ticket 2 hours before the game started.  Isabelle had a birthday party to attend so we skipped the game but Jake saw his girlfriend march at half time.  When they returned to our house later neither knew who won because they left before it ended.  Real big football fans.

Finally the day of the dance arrived.  Jake slept in for a while, walked down to the florist to pick up the corsage and then I talked him into going out to lunch with Grandma and the other little cousins.  While we sat relaxing at Caribou a couple hours before the dance, Jade, his girlfriend, had been busy all day getting ready.  After a quick volleyball practice it was on to the beautification.  Among the many activities we girls go through for these kind of events she spent 2 hours at the salon having her hair straightened.  Oh the things we women go through.  Finally Jake put in his 20 minutes getting ready and it was time to go.

I followed him and his friends to Centenial Lakes for the pictures:

Here we are before Jade arrived.  It was after this picture I discovered Jake needed a little tie adjustment.
Can't forget the sister.

The Corsage

The Boutineer.

The lovely couple.  Just love this dress.  The one thing I miss about high school is having a reason to buy and wear a dress like this.

Ahem.  They aren't shy.

It was so hard for Isabelle to not be the center of attention but she did fairly well.  She could almost burst to be able to get in one of the pictures.

Apparently they weren't the only ones who thought this was a good picture taking sight.  None of the people in these pictures are with Jake's group.

When I first got there I couldn't find them and was frusterated.  It isn't like I can say to someone, "did you see a kid in a tux come this way?"  There were dozens!

Some of these people were in Jake's group.

The Guys

The Girls

The whole group

Finally I had taken enough pictures and left them to have a lovely evening.  While last year the parents organized driving groups to get the kids to each activity, this year they drove themselves.  I was sound asleep when Jake came home late that night.  What a difference a year makes.

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  1. they look so nice. jades hair and dress were fun, wow, can't believe how close I am to this...still can't believe i am old enough to have a middle schooler myself