Friday, October 2, 2009


It is hard for me to believe that my son is at this stage. I am loving it but the older he gets the more I can't believe he isn't my sweet little boy anymore. He is a young man entering the last 3 years of his childhood. How did this happen?

Giving her the corsage. We made the reenact since he just gave it to her unceremoniously in the kitchen when they arrived. They are still learning how all this works. We all are.

I made this corsage. Wishing I had spent the money to order it while making it an hour before Britta arrived. Knew I probably needed smaller flowers when I bought them but had Jake tapping his toe next to me. Still I think I did fairly well and will be even better next time.

The required posing by the tree in our backyard. We kept walking them around the tree to find the best light.

My favorite picture of the night. And I just think everything looks better in black and white.

They are calling this their signature pose since they tend to do it often.

The whole group they went with. They are on the far left end.

They Guys, Jake far left.

The Girls, Britta far left.

Another cute one of them.

OK I know what you are all thinking, "what happened to Jake's other eye?" Well, I wish I knew, it disappeared recently and he seems to have no desire to go find it. Britta seems to like him with one eye. And sadly, John only had one eye when I first met him at this age too. So apparently it is genetic. Eventually John found his eye so maybe one day we will see Jake's again too.

Also, since you know I am obsessed with simplicity and saving money I must share about Jake's suit. The entire outfit except the socks, underwear and tie only cost $45. I brought Jake to Saver's where we found the suit, a tux actually, for $10, black dress shoes for $13 and a black dress belt for $2. I did buy a brand new $20 white shirt for him and the look was complete. He looked just as good as the boys in their brand new much more expensive suits and I felt great. My mom did take the waist out a little which will insure that he can wear them until his next growth spurt. Very exciting.

John and I had a little homecoming celebration as well. The hosts of the after party (yes apparently you have to have an after party that goes til 1:30am) invited the parents to come over for a party during the dance. John and I found a last minute babysitter to watch tv while Isabelle was asleep and we headed over. We have so enjoyed getting to know Jake's friends over the last year and it is nice to know their parents are all just as nice and easy to get along with as the kids are. I have said it so many times but we really do feel blessed by this group of kids Jake is a part of.


  1. Oh those pictures are precious! You're so funny about the one eye thing. My Grandma used to give me such a hard time about getting the hair out of my face and I never knew why it frustrated her so much. Now, I can't stand it when Ru's hair is in her face. LOL Lucky for me, she loves hair bows.

  2. I love all the pictures. The comments about Jake losing his eye were terrific. One of the great thing about blogs is I feel like I am getting to know about families and women all over the country.

  3. You're not the only one who can't believe we only have three years left before adulthood. I remember the days when I daydreamed about having a boyfriend and getting all dressed up to go to dances, and now here I am, and I can't seem to figure out where all the time went!