Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me!

Happy Monday! It is Not Me Monday. I haven't not done this in a while but I was thinking of some this week and am actually remembering on Monday so here goes.

I definitely did not yell at my daughter to get out the door and in the car so we could go somewhere. After getting her in her car seat I did not remember that I had forgotten something. When I got inside I did not also decide to go to the bathroom, put on some lipstick and grab a snack while she waited out in the car. No I would never do that. I am always ready and prepared when we go somewhere. I would never yell at her to hurry up when I am not ready myself.

I did not spend 3 days sick with the flu this week. A doctor friend did not tell me it was highly likely H1N1. I did not go to the library and Target fully contagious because I figured nobody would know I gave it to them.

I was not at Target because my hairdryer had broken over the weekend. I did not proceed to get sick and spend 3 days on the couch and then have to drag my sick self out to buy a hair dryer because I am so vain that I would not want to risk how my hair might look if I washed it and let it air dry. My husband did not refuse to go buy one for me so I wouldn't have to go out, he did not compare it to buying tampons.

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  1. OK, if you're the one who got me sick by some six degrees of Kevin Bacon randomness I am SO mad at you! LOL ;D I swear I got sick from Target! LOL