Sunday, October 11, 2009

Minnesota Weather World

Friday we had cold but lovely weather here and headed over to an outdoor orchard experience at Emma Krumbee's in Belle Plain with Grandma and the cousins. It would probably be more fun when it is a little warmer but we bundled up for the 40 degree day and the kids had fun jumping around.

Picking pumpkins
We really tried for a good group shot but they just weren't playing our game.
How cute is she? And please note this cute wool jacket I found for $7 at a thrift store. I rock.

The big event happened Saturday morning when we woke up to this:

Yep snow and ice in October. And the leaves on our trees are still green! The second weekend in September we went to the Ren Fest and it was 80+ degrees out. A local new station was interviewing people and asked John about the weather. He said that while he was enjoying the late warm weather he predicted snow before Halloween. He was right! The snow is gone now, the trees are so confused some are just dropping green leaves rather than turning colors first.

And finally, last week when it was raining every day my poor daughter, who apparently didn't get enough swimming in this summer did this:

Despite the fact that our thermometer said this:

40 degrees. I guess she is a true Minnesotan.


  1. And to think...I wasted a whole two days last week seriously pondering the merits of moving back!

  2. What great photos. It's been hot where I live, I'm talking 90's to 100's. We are being hit with a huge storm tongiht and tomorrow the aftermath of the typhoon that hit Japan. Oh joy!!

    Visiting from SITS

  3. Seriously - isn't the weather totally bananas?! Two have 80 degree weather one day and then snow just a few weeks later is nutty. ;D It is just starting to cool off here and I am oh so grateful! Love the pumpkin patch pictures. So sweet!

  4. You gotta love Minnesota weather! As I have said before, I think God picked Minnesota to be the butt of all His weather jokes! :)