Monday, October 11, 2010

Day of rest?

What have I been up to lately?  Well I have a few pictures to entertain you all with this week but I thought I would do a quick morning post about what happened yesterday, no pictures.

Sunday's can be relaxing days to spend with the family or they can be days like yesterday.  In our small church there are plenty of ways to get involved and John and I manage to keep ourselves well entertained in various ministries.  Yesterday we had a bit of a back up.  The building team, which we are part of, planned to meet after the service for a lunch meeting as we often do and the pastoral search team I agreed to be on (we are starting a new church that needs a new pastor) decided to have their first meeting at 2:30 across town.  Plus John had to stain some trim for a client so it would be ready to install Monday morning.  No problem, we can shuffle all of this. 

We drove 2 cars to church that morning, I drove one and Jake, with John in the passenger seat, drove the other.  As we were getting ready to run pick up a lunch to bring back to the church Jake announces that his girlfriend wants to pick him up so they can go out to Mc Donald's together.  Fine we say but you have to bring Isabelle.  John gives Jake his key to the van so they can get the car seat out and we head off to get our lunch. 

Half way through our building meeting I suddenly realize something important that escaped me when John was giving Jake his key, Jake already had my key to the van.  So now we had no key to the van.  And Jake's driving girlfriend had by this time dropped them off at home and was gone.  No problem, friends are wonderful and gave John a ride home and back.  First crisis solved.

In the mean time I drive 30 minutes across town to my second meeting of the day, have a lovely and productive time and begin driving home.  I can see split in the freeway which would put me on "my side" of town when suddenly I hear a noise, experience tells me it is a flat tire.  I pull over on a very busy freeway, slide across the seat, peak my head out and confirm that I have a flat.  I call John to come rescue me.  Despite his concern that I shouldn't drive on the flat tire I decide that my location is too dangerous to change a tire and drive to then next exit a few feet away and into a Cub Foods parking lot.

As you may recall I changed my van tire with a friend last year so I figured I could get started on the process while John was coming.  And who wouldn't help a woman trying to change her tire in high heels and church clothes?

Sure enough a kind man did come and give me a hand but just like when I was changing it with Colleen after we got the lugs off and the car jacked up we still couldn't get the tire off the car.  At this point John was less than a mile away and I thanked the guy and he left.

One thing of note, and what John told me was the real reason he wanted me to stay on the freeway, it wasn't the best neighborhood in town.  It was far from the worst neighborhood but not great.  Here are a couple things that wouldn't happen in the suburbs that happen in the city:  The amazing number of people who DIDN'T stop to help me and were clearly looking away before they guy finally stopped.  As opposed to my suburban flat tire where almost everyone who walked buy said something.  Second, and most irritating, someone took my spare tire!  I had taken it out and leaned it against the back of the car.  Sometime while the kind stranger and I were working on taking off the flat someone walked by and rolled it away with them.  I was totally disgusted!  After determining that it was definitely no where around my car I started looking around the parking lot for someone with my tire and saw the tire quite a ways away leaning against a curb.  Could it have just rolled away?  Yes I suppose it could have but it would have had to thread a miraculous needle past quite a few parked cars and over a couple curbs to get where it landed.  I would have liked to see that.  I have a hard time believing that it landed in that location on its own.  What a sad world we live in where someone thinks that is OK!

Anyway, John came, my tire was changed, I then drove home just in time to bring Jake to his evening activity.  Then back home where I made a light dinner and crashed.

Some days are like that.  So my day of rest wasn't too restful but I did go to bed early and sleep in a little later than usual.  Today I am feeling pretty rested and full of energy to tackle this new week.

How was your weekend?

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