Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall Fun

So I thought I would do a good old fashioned "what I have been up to/pictures I have taken lately" post.

Things I have learned as a mom.  If you say it out loud, be prepared to follow through.  For instance.  If you say, "we should make play dough someday."  Be prepared for someday to be very, very soon.

After much harassment on the part of my daughter we made play dough.  Honestly it was so quick and easy to make I don't know why we haven't done it before. 
Although it did use up all the salt in the house.

She loved every minute and loved playing with it.

Then a couple weeks ago we basked in the warm early October weather with a family dinner in the back yard.  What is normally referred to as "free pizza Friday"  Became "free food over a fire Friday".

While we cooked the kids turned sidewalk chalk into paste and did this.  We probably should have been supervising this activity but they didn't get nearly as messy as you would think so I figure, what we don't know didn't hurt any of us.

BBQ chicken legs, hot dogs and brats along with roasted root vegetables.  It was delicious but I didn't have enough.  Who knew the 21 month old would eat 3 hot dogs?

Grandpa, our sommelier for the night.

Mom and I enjoying our selections.

The fireman stoking the fire.

The men chatting.  I know it is all blurry but I still like this picture.  Is that weird?

The girls put on a fashion show for us.

Every fall evening should be like this.  (except without the bugs which really killed the mood.)

We are just days away from my 2 year blog anniversary.  Get ready to do something fun.  Don't know what yet but it will be great!

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  1. yes, this is my kind of blog post. love it, what fun, an evening we would have loved to be a part of...we are having the same kind of fun down south, only a wee bit less sophisticated from the looks of it :)