Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Fun

It has been a busy summer this year. On the one hand we have done stuff and enjoyed it but on the other hand tomorrow is August 1st and I feel like we haven't even begun to experience summer!  This weekend the weather was PERFECT. Hot but not too hot, lower humidity, sunny.  Cooler in the mornings with the dew on the grass, birds chirping. I told John as we went for a walk after dinner one evening, "this is the weather I dream about during the long winters wondering if my memories are real and if I will ever experience it again."  I love everything about summer.

So this weekend we spent some time getting in a few of our favorite summer activities and wondering how many more times we can squeeze them in.

Our first stop was Bryant Lake beach.  I just love going to the lake, laying in the hot sand and watching the waves gently lap up on the shore.  All while my daughter swims in the water making friends with every little girl who walks by her.  I think half the girls at the beach knew Isabelle's name by the time we left.  John and I like to get hot before we go in but then the heavenly feel of the cool water and floating around.  Bliss.  John gets the workout tossing Isabelle over and over.  Why haven't we dragged ourselves over sooner?!  It takes no effort and no money to drive a couple miles away and lay on a beach.  We tend to be evening beach dwellers.  I may not be darkening my skin but I love soaking up the heat and wading in the water.

The next day, having enjoyed the beach so much, John surprises me by rolling over the canoe, attaching the new license I bought this year and heaving it onto the van.  Off we go for an evening on the lake.  We canoe at Bush Lake a couple miles from our house.  It isn't very big but there are no big horse power motors allowed on it and it is totally surrounded by trees and I always feel like I am in the middle of nowhere as we paddle around going nowhere in particular.

Yes the canoe is from the 1930's but it is solid as a rock.  And weighs as much as well.

Yes we need a new life jacket for her.

Yes he is an awesome stud.

Yes I did help him carry it over to the water.

No Isabelle didn't take any pictures to prove it.

The weather continues to be beautiful this week and we still have a month of summer weather ahead of us.  What will we do next?  Summer fun in Minnesota.  You just can't beat it.

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