Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gardening with Melanie part...

Remember 2 years ago when I planned to do a whole big weekly garden post and then didn't do anything in the yard all summer?  Remember last summer when we planted a whole expansive garden and then it grew and returned to seed while I had a total break down over going back to work?  Well this summer I quietly cleaned up my little garden spot and planted 3 plants.  I did water them for a few days after planting them but have basically neglected them as always.  I planted one strawberry plant.  I know it will be next year before we see if there is any success with that but I thought it sounded fun.  One cucumber plant and one cherry tomato plant.  Tonight on this steamy Minnesota night John and I wandered over to the garden to see how my little plants were doing.  And look what we found!

I grew those!  They didn't exist and now they do.  Amazing.  Can you believe it?!

I know what I will be having on my salad tomorrow.
So the lesson here is...keep trying?  Keep neglecting your garden?  Choose hearty plants.  Yes I believe that is our winner.  Actually, I don't know if I told you this story before but, many years ago when Jake was about Isabelle's age we planted some cucumber seeds in a little patch of dirt next to our driveway.  After one fun day of gardening we totally forgot about them.  Then one day I notice the weeds in that patch spilling over on to the driveway and what do I find but several plump and juicy cucumbers laying on our driveway under a leafy vine that had grown from the seeds Jake had planted weeks earlier.  We were amazed and excited.  So I knew if a cucumber was wiling to develop while sitting on an asphalt driveway that it likely would survive my neglect in a lovely, deer protected garden. 

Proof my theory was correct.

Maybe my thumb isn't black after all.

Just a very, very dark green.

Like the color of my new cucumbers.

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  1. Cucumbers, as well as other gourds and melons, are really sturdy plants. We once had a small pumpkin patch in our compost pile after tossing out Halloween jack-o-lanterns that apparently still had a few seeds. They were completely neglected, we didn't even know they existed until they were starting to grow pumpkins. They're great!