Friday, July 27, 2012

Guest Writing on Adoption

Today I am a guest writer (I have always wanted to say that) on "We Are Grafted In" writing about adoption and raising an adopted child.  Go check it out!  If you are visiting from there, welcome.

In a lot of ways raising an adopted child is just like raising any child.  Same love for them, same passion to see them grow to be wonderful, productive members of society.  I have the same prayer for Isabelle to be a godly woman and I did for Jake to be a godly man.  But on the other hand it is different, because our family was created different and no matter what kind of adoption you have other people are involved in creating your family. Whether your adoption is totally open like ours or totally closed those other people are part of your child's life and your life forever.  I have found that in helping Isabelle come to terms with her adoption I had to learn to view family different.  To embrace people outside of my biological connections and allow God to define my family.

And isn't that true of so many things in life?  In order to understand them we need to let God define them.  Who I am, who I should be, what I should do.  It would be easy to just follow the accepted traditions or current societal attitudes that answer those questions but when we let God define us, answer those questions and lead us through life we experience things beyond expectations, beyond what we could have ever known.

If John and I were too afraid of birth parents and the potential challenges of raising an adopted child to adopt we would have missed raising an amazing daughter, would have missed a relationship with Sam and Lauren and little Scarlet, would have missed the love we have for them all and the opportunity to understand how much God can love us as we experience how much we love a child and her birth family as if they were part of us.

Are you letting God define you?


  1. So exciting, guest blogger! Love all your thoughts . . . always inspiring and thought-provoking.

  2. Yes this was a really good guest post! I was wondering if you would be interested in guest writing for my blog?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!