Sunday, June 26, 2011

We're All in it Together

Planning summer childcare has been like organizing a 3 ring circus.  We ended up with a big wall calendar in Isabelle's room so each night before she goes to bed she can cross of the current day and see who she will be with the next day.  It has greatly improved her stress level.  I think she was in constant panic of being left alone before the calendar.

Of course you make a plan and immediately your sitters go on vacation.  So Jake and my sister-in-law were both gone last week.  As I was in search of replacement sitters I was talking with Isabelle's birth mother about when we could see them during their visit since I would be working.  On a whim I asked if she wanted to take Isabelle one of the afternoons I needed a sitter for, Isabelle was in VBS in the mornings.  She said they could take 2 of the days.  We were all very excited and a little nervous but it went great.
It is hard to explain how blessed we feel to have Sam and Lauren as birth parents.  They are loving both to Isabelle and to us.  We are a team in some ways as Isabelle grows up.  We all have shared goals to see her grow up to be a godly woman, to help her understand how blessed she is to have both parents and birth parents who love her and want the very best for her life.

Now they are going to be parents again this fall and we are so excited.  We are re-defining family as this child will be a full sister to Isabelle.  While technically I will not be related at all you won't be able to stop me and everyone else in my family from loving up this baby as if she was another niece. 

Today we broke another barrier in our adoption adventure by attending Lauren's family and friend baby shower.  Some family had never seen Isabelle while others hadn't seen her since she was only a few weeks old.  They have all followed along with pictures but it isn't the same as a real live visit.  The last time we met Lauren's family nobody knew how this was all going to work out but 6 years later we all know this is going to work out just fine.  We are all family brought together by Isabelle and for better or worse we are all in it together.

With Lauren's Family

Isabelle showing the gift she chose for her sister.

More Family


  1. I love this post. Our family is truly blessed to know you, John & Jake and your parents.
    Mary Swartz