Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stress elimination

I have decided I am on a Stress Elimination Diet.  I am eliminating things that cause me stress.  Tonight I threw away an entire pile of coupons.  While I would like to use them right now they are causing me stress by sitting on my desk not being used.  In the very short amount of time I have couponed I learned one thing, there will be another coupon for that in a few weeks.  So they are gone until I am ready to coupon again. 

There are too many things in life that I "should" be doing.  I should coupon, exercise, scrapbook, craft, read, garden, memorize scripture, eat healthy.  I am sure you have a list of your own of things you know you should be doing but don't.

Not that I am giving up on my garden already.  And I love my exercise routine even if it is hard to prioritize.  And if I am going to work full time eating healthy so I feel strong is more important than ever.  And certainly my working isn't leading to our not needing to save money anymore so I definitely will still be using coupons. But sometimes the stress of all you should do drives you crazy.  And tonight as I was going through my desk those coupons just started making me CRAZY.  So I tossed them.  And it felt great.

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  1. I have been thinking about doing this with all my craft stuff. I mean, it is everywhere. You know what a crafty girl i am and there are many works of art yet to be created by me...but same thing as with the coupons, all those paints and papers and wood projects, ribbons, beads, embellishments just scream hateful things at me so I might need to purge and start from scratch at a later date. i finally got to the girls clothing yesterday. took me all day to go through everything, but i ended up with 4 huge donation garbage bags.