Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chasing Wild Geese

Do you think working will suck the creative juices out of my brain?  I have had no particularly profound thoughts all week.  With the initial adjustment period over my brain has moved into some sort of survival mode.  I don't think about anything at work and I am too tired or busy to think of anything when I get home. 

OK I have had a couple thoughts this week but nothing I have had time to really think about.  Just things that pop into my head.

I guess that could be the topic of the day.  Normally when a thought pops in my head, like maybe an idea we should buy a farm and become homesteaders, I will immediately change all plans to spend the next day or two researching and obsessing about the topic until I have either decided to do it or decided to abandon it.  On Tuesday an idea popped into my head but it wasn't until last night that I was able to do anything about it.  I told John about it and he thought the thought was valid but I couldn't pursue beyond that.  And even still I didn't have time to be comprehensive last night so it will take time to made a decision about that thought.

So yesterday as I was mulling at work the fact that I could do nothing about this thought I wondered if maybe it would help stem some of my crazier thoughts.  I mean when time is limited you can't go off on every wild goose chase.  I will be forced in the years to come to really think through my impulses and assess what is a valid idea and what is not worth my time.  That could be a good thing. 

It is possible that not everything I did when I was at home was necessarily the best or mentally healthiest way to do things.  Interesting.

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