Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Smoothly Rolling Along

Day 4 of working full time.  Really day 2 of working full time since I just did Tuesday and Thursday last week.  Let me just say if I was working every other day this full time working really would not be a problem.  Getting up 2 days in a row gets a little more tiring.  Still for the most part today went smoothly.  I am gaining confidence in answering and using their very complicated phone system, I got my own log in and email today and I am slowing starting to feel like this job will work out just fine.  Isabelle was happy and content all day and happy and content to see me when I picked her up.  She is crashing when she gets home still but I know that will change.  And I decided sitters rather than camps were going to be the better option this summer for her transition away from me so she shouldn't be quite as tired once school is out.

I must admit I thought the transition would be harder, and I know after 4 days I have hardly begun to transition, still I feel ready for what lies ahead.  I am seeing more and more that God had this job set aside for me.  They had lots of applications and had intended on having this position filled a month earlier, in fact 2 others started and quit before I came!  I wasn't even entertaining the concept of working full time when they initially wanted this position filled.  Just when God had me where he wanted me the job was waiting.  Crazy.

Having had 4 work days behind me now I do know one thing.  My new goal in life is not to make dinner on a work day for the next 6 years.  Maybe put a frozen meal in the oven but not stand and chop veggies or stir a sauce or anything like that.  It is going to take a little more planning on both my and John and Jake's part but I think this can be done.  I don't mind cleaning.  I would be willing to clean a bathroom, do laundry, even the dreaded vacuum or dust in the evening.  I just don't like to cook that much even when I am at home.

I did water the garden tonight.  Just another new thing in my life.  Why stop with one?

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  1. Once the newness wears off of your job, your little girl will suddenly say something about how she misses you at home. When I started teaching, albeit part time about 11 years go, one of my sons commented, just slipped it in so sweetly.

    I applied for a job. All prayers appreciated:)