Friday, March 18, 2011

An even bigger God

I realize that I covered the "big God" topic just a couple weeks ago but it seems like He just keeps getting bigger as I keep trying to fit him into my own understanding.  I keep forgetting how incomprehensible God really is.

So lately I have been praying a lot for my brother in law.  The short story is that there is some serious spiritual warfare happening around him as God fights for his soul against the enemy.  Lately I have been literally envisioning angels and demons going at it above his head. (I am not sure about the exact theological understanding behind the idea of angels and demons fighting over my head that is just the visual I am using at this time.)

My teenage son is well...a teenager.  And he is easily distracted by shiny things, or pretty things or well anything that tells him he is in charge and his parents are stupid.  So after a particularly disheartening interaction last night I asked God if maybe he could send one or two of those angles battling for CJ over to protect Jake.  I am not sure if we are in a battle quite yet but he is definitely vulnerable.

On the one hand I did realize God was big enough to handle both Jake and CJ simultaneously but on the other hand I clearly wasn't thinking big enough.

So this morning I call my sister in law to chat and before I can complain about my problems she tells me what happened to her brother the night before.  Apparently God brought him to the right location, at the right moment to hear his neighbor call for help, immediately ran over and was able to perform CPR on the neighbors 2 year old son who he had just pulled out of the pond behind their house, save the child and go with the father to comfort and help him to the hospital.  He likely would not have heard the call for help if he was elsewhere on the property and is not normally in that location.

All the while He is battling demons above CJ's head and standing guard at my son's heart he is also orchestrating events to save the life of little boy in Iowa.  How many millions of other details is God taking care of at this very moment that I will never know?

It blows my mind.

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