Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Word of the Year

Isn't it funny how you come upon something almost by accident and you think it is your own original ideal of genius.  And in some ways it is your own idea.  But then you realize other people have also had this original idea.  That is me today.  I was, I am, going to post about having a word for the year.  Then I started reading a couple other blogs I follow and wouldn't you know both blogs I pulled up talked about their word or phrase for the year.  I guess I am a few days behind on my genius.  I would have loved to link up to my favorite blog where she was asking others what they were naming their year but I guess that wasn't where God wanted me this week as I am only finally sitting down to plan 2011 now that it has finally arrived.

Last year as I was writing my goals I found myself feeling compelled to name the year.  I wrote "simplify in 2010" at the top of my goal page.  And in a lot of ways that is what last year turned out to be all about.  Keeping it simple.

The word isn't really a goal, there are no specific actions attached to it.  The word is about the attitude of the year.  The feeling in your heart.

As I looked back at 2010 and the difficult year it was in many ways and then looked forward to 2011 the word that God placed on my heart several different times was, "maintain".

So many years I sit down and set goals that would totally change my life.  I am going to become a whole new wonderful, pulled together woman.  I have that eternal optimism of belief that gets me fired up each January 1.  This year as I sit down, yes I want to improve some areas, but mostly I want to maintain the simpler life we have been forced into during a slow fiscal period in our life.  I am optimistic that we will return to our more normal tight budget moving away from the "help us Lord" budget but as I look to the future I see how maintaining the lessons of this past year will free us as we go into future years.

After a particularly rough fall we are starting January in a good place.  New kitchen remodel job signed, bills paid, money in the bank for the first time all year, new plow contracts and Monday I start my new job.  It is tempting to fall into old habits and run to the mall for new clothes, start thinking about all the house projects I want to do and all the ways to spend the money that has suddenly landed in our bank accounts.  But I know that in March we could be back where we started.  Wondering where the next job is going to come from and worrying about how we will pay the mortgage.  If I spend all our money today where will I be then? 

This is a year to maintain.  To stay focused on finding the jobs, doing the work and raising a family.  To continue trusting God with the same intensity I had during times of desperate need.  To continue to turn to Him for direction, for strength, for answers, for hope.

Despite the struggles I loved 2010 and the opportunities to rely heavily on God.  I look forward to more of the same in 2011.

What is your word of the year?

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