Sunday, January 16, 2011

Useful Minnesota Skills

I bought Isabelle a pair of ice skates at a garage sale last spring so on a lovely winter day we gave them a try.  She wouldn't wear snow pants because she insisted you wear fancy dresses when skating.  I did convince her to wear tights under those pants so she has a double layer.  No idea how we got out of the house without a skirt.  After seeing all the regular people skating she did concede that next time she will wear the snow pants.

It was a little scary for both of us as I am not that sure on my feet anymore after so many years off skates but I managed to stay on my feet the entire time.  She learned pretty quickly although she didn't really want to let go of my hand.  But I managed to get away a couple times and get her to go on her own.

You can rent walkers at this place which she kept telling me she wanted/needed but I was too cheap to go spend the 5 bucks and made her actually learn to skate. 

She is so funny because she could see other kids her age zipping all around the ice and was feeling like she was the only one doing it wrong.  I had to remind her over and over that it was not their first time skating and when they first learned they fell on their butt a lot too.  Keep trying, keep trying, keep trying.  Life is so full of valuable lessons.  Stop looking at what other people are doing and just be where you are at.

I mostly wanted to add this one so you could hear the music piped in while skating.  It just creates this wonderful, fun, relaxing and nostalgic experience.

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  1. And so the winter adventures continue! The videos are great, thanks for posting! :)