Monday, January 17, 2011

A life well lived

Last week my family cared for Dorothy as she left life here on earth and entered Glory.  She is with the Lord, her Lord, and today we will be begin the 3 days of celebrations she planned before her death.  Visitation, funeral here and funeral in her home town followed by burial.

I look back with gratitude that Dorothy was part of our family.  She lived a full life yet lived very simply.  She exuded peace and joy.  She enjoyed everything she was part of and the people that were part of her life.  She loved her life and the people in it.

She died like she lived.  Full of peace and love.  Even as she lay dying she had a brief smile for everyone who came to see her.  For a woman who never married or had children of her own her cup runneth over with family and friends who loved her.  She did not die alone.

Oh that I can live and die as Dorothy did.

I read once that as we age our true selves come out more and more.  If you are really a bitter person you will find it harder and harder to fake being kind as you age.  But if your true self is peaceful and loving you will become even more so as you age.  I remember this with my grandpa who was always a little ornary but as he aged his true peaceful self became more and more evident.  He didn't fight old age and death but was at peace knowing his final destiny was with the Lord.

So it was with Dorothy.  She just became more wonderful as she got older.

Today as I link up with the gratitude community I am so thankful for Dorothy and the life she lived:
  1. The bonus grandma I had in my life.
  2. Running back and forth between Grandma's cabin and Dorothy's.
  3. The banana chair hanging from the porch ceiling at Dorothy's.  We always got in trouble for swinging it to high but it was worth it.
  4. Dorothy's old table and chairs which we bought after we got married.
  5. The extra years after Grandma's death to continue enjoying and get to better know Dorothy.
  6. Dorothy's example of consistancy in life.
  7. Dorothy's red shoes.
  8. Dorothy's laugh.  She used it often.
  9. Stories from Dorothy's childhood told to my son for a school project.
  10. Another person in my children's lives who loved them.
  11. Time to sit and listen to hymns and while reading a devotional to Dorothy.
  12. Knowing God and knowing Dorothy's final destination is with the Lord.

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