Monday, January 10, 2011

Glory Care

Dorothy is a friend of our family.  Sort of.  I say sort of not because she isn't really a friend but because the word "friend" doesn't exactly cover the depth of our relationship.  What started out as a friendship with my grandma many years ago when my dad was a small boy (or maybe even before he was born, I don't recall the exact origin) has become a welcoming into a family as Dorothy never married and lived away from family.  She was at every birthday party and Christmas eve my entire life. She owned a cabin a couple doors down from my grandparents so all my cabin memories involve Dorothy as well.  Pretty much all my grandparent memories include Dorothy.

When my Grandma died a few years ago Dorothy was there, part of the family.  And since then nothing has changed in our relationship with Dorothy.  In fact our love and bond for her has grown as she became the last of her generation in our family and we have appreciated her and gotten to know her individually.

Last week the beginning of the end came.  What initially looked to be a mild stroke has turned into a catalyst in her body to begin shutting down.

Yesterday she was to be transferred to a hospice care facility.  My aunt rode in the ambulance with her to the facility and upon arrival made an immediate decision.  Dorothy could not stay there.  She called my mom and I am told said something to the affect that "We cannot usher Dorothy into Glory in this place!"  Immediately everyone knew it was time to do what they all really wanted to do in the first place, bring her home.  Within 3 hours Dorothy was laying in her own bed, meds delivered and a hospice nurse was preparing the family to care for her.  Peace in all our hearts.  In this place we could send her to Glory.

My dad said he woke up that morning asking God, "what are we doing?  This isn't what she wanted."  While there are lots of wonderful hospice facilities where we all might have been very comfortable, I believe God's plan was for the family to choose an unacceptable location so that we would find our way back to Dorothy's home.  The Lord works in many ways and comes along with us on our journey.

After telling a friend the story she emailed me back the next day asking about the "glory care".  I love that.  Glory Care.  I love knowing that soon Dorothy will be in glory with the Lord.  Full of joy and peace.  I don't want to loose her but as I told God I wasn't ready He helped me see how selfish it was to ask her to stay here when she had a chance to be with Him.  And I love Dorothy too much to deny her that.


  1. I'm speechless and my eyes are full of tears! Glory very appropriate.

  2. My Mother's lifelong instructions were to die at her home, in her bed, surrounded by her family and her animals. This past August her instructions were carried out and there was significant power in having Matriarch in her bed, with all the sons, daughters, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, and great grandchildren attending and in prayer together with Mom. Every son dreads the day his mother will die but she was at home, loved, and at peace with God and all of us left here. I miss her everyday/