Thursday, September 2, 2010

blog updates

School is right around the corner for Jake and Isabelle.  Although I have somehow managed to keep up with this blog for almost 2 years while Isabelle was hanging around, suddenly these past few weeks I feel like I can't do anything until she goes off to school and gives me 3 hours of uninterrupted time to myself.  Because apparently while she is watching Phineas and Ferb and Jake is asleep I can't get anything done.

Here are a few blog updates and thoughts for the fall:

While I was busy having a fun summer I completely missed the fact that I have had over 200 post.  This post marks my 210th post.  Who knew I had so much to say?  Well my husband probably knew but now you all know too.

And I have officially had over 10,000 visits to my blog.  I would say about 5,000 of those hits were of me looking at my own blog and another 4,500 were probably my husband, son, mom, sisters, aunts and cousins but that means there are a few people out there not obligated by blood or law to read my thoughts and yet still do.  A big thank you to everyone who reads this either because you have to or because you want to.  I have enjoyed all the wonderful and supportive feedback which has made this so much fun.

This fall I am going to add some ads to my blog.  Just to see what will happen.  Feel free to click on them or ignore them.  Either way  I will keep posting all kinds of random thoughts for you to enjoy.

My SIL suggested I do some kind of give away which sounded like fun.  I am contemplating that possibility for my 2 year anniversary of blogging which I believe is in October.  Details to come.  I promise it won't be something amazing like an Ipad or anything but I am sure I can come up with something.  I know you are all on the edge of your seat wondering what it will be but you will just have to wait.

I think that about covers it.  Why not leave a comment on my blog today telling me how excited you are about the fall plans, suggestions for a give away, or topics you are just dying to know my thoughts on.  If nothing else you could just say, "hi".  Don't be shy I love comments. 


  1. i love the humor that comes across in your writing.

    hi! (waving)

    i look forward to seeing what you can do this fall with your blog when you are not bogged down by kids watching tv and sleeping. :)

    as for me...i am about to expose myself vulnerably for the first time on my blog. i think. i may be posting a writing i wrote this afternoon for my bible study. or maybe i won't. not sure yet. so it will either appear in the next few minutes. or it won't. we'll see. i only want God's glory to be seen in it, so i will pray to that end and post it i guess.