Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Honeymoon in Duluth

Hi friends.  Remember earlier this summer when I wouldn't stop talking?  And now I am just eaking out a post a week.  Do you miss me?

I had intended to do this post last Wednesday for our 20th Anniversary but didn't have the pictures.  John and I completely forgot to bring a camera to Duluth with us but we would never leave home without a phone.  We weren't the only ones who forgot the camera and were trying to take pictures with our phone as we wandered Duluth.  In fact we traded phones with one couple to get a shot together.  They took our picture and we took theirs.

In Duluth along the shore

At the Glensheen Mansion

At the beach across the lift bridge.  You can't see it very well but that is all of Duluth in the distance.  It was a beautiful view.

All day I kept trying to get John to do this pose and match the picture from our honeymoon that stands out in my mind the most. We only took about 5 pictures on our honeymoon, and without a camera about the same this trip, and none really memorable so I guess this is what stuck. This picture might lead you to ask my husband questions like, "why are you wearing short shorts?" or "Is that an ankle bracelet?" The only real answer to the questions is of course, "You had to be there."

He is so good to me.  And even better looking than he was 20 years ago.

Our original idea for the anniversary was to see the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.  Since it didn't work out to tour the largest home in America we thought the largest homes in Minnesota would have to do.  We highly enjoyed our tour of Glensheen which was owned by the 2nd richest family in Minnesota.  After we returned home it seemed fitting to also visit the home of the richest family in Minnesota, the James J. Hill House, which we did last week.  While the tour wasn't quite as good as Glensheen it was still fun to see another beautiful old home.  Something we love to share together.

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  1. ahhhh great old, and new, pic of john...he looks like Jesus in the first one. so fun to have long history. you look fab and always take good pics of yourself...loved the shadow one too, i think this would be neat to do with the girls. maybe someday we will both have enough money at the same time to meet in north carolina for a girls weekend and tour biltmore...we could invite your new bff donna :)