Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Time

Now that I have exactly 3 hours and 5 minutes each day to myself you might be wondering what I am doing.

As I was anticipating fall coming I spent time looking at all I wanted to accomplish, what my goals were for the fall, the activities I was and wasn't going to commit to and how I would organize each do to make it all happen.  I gave myself permission to say NO both to things I didn't want to do and to things I did want to do but knew I needed to let go.  And I created my usual fall goal list to map it all out.  Then I started looking at my weekly schedule.

At first I thought I would assign each day of the week to one of my commitments.  But as I looked at what needed to be done I could see that right off the bat I needed to spend more than one morning a week starting a plow business and that my women's ministry stuff would be busier in October when I was planning a meeting.  I don't have to have a perfectly balanced schedule where I am doing everything every week or every day but look to see what is happening right now and work on that.

I am spending most of my time this week and probably next on the plow business.  Then I will be busy with women's ministry stuff in October.  And Christmas is coming so I will probably be crafting or shopping in November and December.  And blogging and doing other writing things in with all of that.  It isn't about doing them all at once in some miraculous harmony but about doing one thing at a time.  Always keeping my eyes on the priority of my family but knowing that if at times I let something go it isn't the end of the world.  I will come back to it when I am done with the task before me.

A couple weeks ago I was telling my husband that what I really wanted was a year to just have coffee with friends and organize all the closets in the house.  I hate that we are struggling financially and I feel like I need to help more in his business, possibly even look for a job.  But now as the year has started I am seeing that while each task on my list will keep me busy for a moment I have an entire school year stretching before me and I know that I will be able to not only start a plow business, get my writing published and maybe even get a part time job but I will also tackle those closets and enjoy time with friends.  I don't have to do it all tomorrow.

With a few days under my belt I am really enjoying the time to focus on a project.  I would love to be getting more done but I am excited by all I have gotten done and know I will always have time again tomorrow.  This isn't a one time play date this is my new daily schedule.  And it is a very good thing.

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