Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Money Saving Tip

Maybe this will be a new regular for me.  Maybe not.  Either way here is my tip for the day:

A couple years ago I read in the book, "The cheapest Family in America", how they buy chubs in the meat section at the grocery store and have the deli slice them up for lunch meat rather than buying the high priced packaged deli meat.  Well I had never heard of a chub of meat before but was glancing through the meat section this week and saw a sign for turkey chubs.  It was 99 cents a pound for a 3 pound chub.  So $3 for 3 pounds of lunch meat, definately sounded good to me.  From what I can tell a chub is basically the stuff they make lunch meat out of.  (Nobody out there is under the impression that lunch meat is real meat are they?)  Since it was frozen I wasn't sure they could slice it at the counter and so brought it home thinking I would figure it out later.  When I opened the packaged it turns out the meat still needed to be baked.  The book talked about ham chubs and ham is usually pre-baked when you buy it but apparently turkey chubs are not.  I popped it in the oven, baked it up and thinly sliced it with my favorite dull knife.  It looks great and tastes delicious.  I can't wait to try it on a sandwich tomorrow.  My one tip is that you need to get the string net thing that was wrapped around it off before the meat cools.  It was a little more difficult when the meat had settled around it.  Maybe everyone else already knows that tip but I have only ever taken those things off hot roasts.  It is all about trial and error in my kitchen.

Have fun looking for chubs at the grocery store this week.  Let me know if you find ham and can get it sliced at the deli counter.  That would be my ideal.  I love thinly shaved ham on a sandwich.


  1. Oh my dear, you truly are dangerously frugel. I had to chuckle through the blog as I realized that my chance at being better with money as a young woman is over but it is never too late to salvage for my offspring and their offspring. (:

  2. So funny that you did this - I just did almost the same thing! I can't find organic roast beef slices here, so I bought a roast and made my own at home! Unfortunately I can't slice it as thin as I'd like so it's not as easy to bite through as one would hope. I'm guessing the deli guys won't be into slicing my meats from home...