Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seeing Sam

Sam and Lauren are Isabelle's birth parents. Over the past 4 years we have come to love Sam and Lauren as members of our family. Sam has been in Iraq since February. Each night before bed Isabelle prays for him to be safe. I like to think he is going to be fine but I would be lying if I didn't occasionally worry about him. He has kept up his facebook a little and posted a few pictures and we get info from Lauren occasionally but it isn't the same as seeing him in person.

He has known for a few months that he would get a 2 week leave in August. Of course we knew we would be gone for most of August and began to worry we would miss him. He was worried about the same thing over there and was working hard to get back before we left. Not only to see Isabelle but to wish us well as we go off to Kenya. Since Sam lived in Kenya as a child he is extra excited for our trip and wanted to hear about where we were going and give us a few of his favorite restaurant recommendations.:)

After getting delayed in the Kuwait airport for a couple days he finally made it to Atlanta this morning and got a connecting flight to MN still shaking the sand off as he arrived. He and Lauren came right from the airport this afternoon to see us. It was so great to see him back safe and sound. So fun to hear his stories from Iraq, even the slightly scary ones. He has lost a little more weight and looks like the skinny teenager we met 4-1/2 years ago. Thanks Lauren for sharing him with us first before getting time alone. Thank you Lord for keeping Sam safe, continue to protect him through the rest of his deployment.

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